Do you sing on the top of your lungs or the way to school , in the shower, while cleaning your room or your house? its the only "thing" that might be able to make you feel like a person. its a code of expression and fun. do you ever feel alone and then you end of sorting to music? i do... music is a language that is common in all of us. we all have different tastes, but at some point or the other. you love music. it might put you to sleep, or give you beat to dance to , or improves you voice.. music is my passion. i don't know where i would be without it. 
music has been passed along ages, in the ancient times, tribal people used to dance around a fire singing songs and dancing. it was always seen as a sort of bonding between the people. although music has evolved with time, it is inescapably larger than life. it sets the tone for funerals, weddings, proms, parties and many important events in life. music and arts are what makes life worth living and without them people lose hold of their cultures and diversities. 
music helps in different ways. it is used as a sort of medicine, a therapy,fun, and sometimes even a way of communication. everyone has their own musical interpretation. sometimes you could even catch a person who hates music humming to their own sort of music. listening to music helps me de-stress, relax and compose myself. it also motivates me at time and gives me hopes. i love listening to music.. sometimes it brings back memories from my childhood. the images that music and songs create in our minds our amazing. 
music imitates life and life imitates music. music is a different thing to different people. for me it more than just melodies and harmonies, it is technically my life. its what brings me closer to other people and keeps in touch with myself. music is an immensely powerful thing and what helps me become me.