Centrioles   organize the microtubules assembly during cell division.   Endoplasmic Reticulum are a network of membranes composed of rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum.  
Golgi complex  is responsible for storing, packaging of cellular products.   Mitochondria is the site for cellular respiration and producers of energy.   Ribosomes are made of RNA and proteins, and are sites for protein synthesis.
  Nucleolus is the structure within the nucleus and helps in synthesis of ribosomes.  
Nucleopore  is the tiny hole in the nuclear membrane, allows the movement of nucleic acids and proteins in/out of the cell.  
Cell membrane forms the outer covering of the cell, and is semi-permeable.  
Cytoplasm  is a gel-like matrix where all the other cell organelles are suspended inside the cell.  
Nucleus  contains the hereditary material DNA and directs the activities of the cell.
  Lysosomes  are enzyme sacs, that digest cellular wastes.   Microtubules are hollow rods, function primarily as support and shape to the cell.