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                                            what is your AIM in life?
                                                 by emily jackson

we all have been often asked the question "what is your aim in life?". most of us reply with our ambitions, others blank or 'living life in the moment' . its a pretty direct question, point blank. 
but what is an aim? why is it important? 
an aim is a point of target or an intention of achieving something, in other words- a goal that you're determined to achieve. aims are  our practical dreams. many of us have dreams, but not all can be practically input. 

everyone needs to find an aim in life before they can hope to become successful. whether it be a writer, a student, a bachelor/bacholerette or a doctor. a person's aim in life determines his or her success. the clearer and more focused a person's aim becomes, more successful he or she becomes. aims shouldn't be something that is impractical or beyond our reach. 
nothing comes easy, everything comes off with a little effort, and satisfaction becomes resultant. 

aims are existent in businesses and relationships and help build more focus. it highlights the key areas of development. 

'the aim of life is realize one's nature perfectly, that is what each of us is here for.' - oscar wilde once said. without an aim, a person's life becomes directionless. a person becomes incomplete without an aim. 
think of this: 'where will you be and what will you be doing in ten to fifteen years from today if you keep doing or going according to what you do today? '
you have to be bold enough to ask life more than you may. 
set your goals short term and long term no matter the time required for your achievement. (although you have to keep that in mind)
create a proper schedule according to your time specifications. 
1)write down your goal.
2)give yourself a deadline.
3)and last of all aim high.