Life and water are the basic elements of our life support system.great civilizations has flourished where these elements were available in plenty.with the coming of modern invent of new technology these resources have come under tremendous a resut lands have been degraded.rivers and lakes have been polluted.there is shortage of water in many parts of the world.he population is increasing with time,the need of water is also is alarming that due to over exploitation of water there will be a dreath of water in many places.therefore our next logical step should be water present the nees for water has increased enormously for agriculture, industries and domestic meet the increasing damage,ground water has to be used.but excessive withdtawal ofgrond water depletes the water level and it becomes neccessary to recharge the aquisers by artificial water harvesting.rain water harvesting is a process in which rain watet is collected directly in tanks, well and ponds and roofs.this water os used for domestic and agricultural purpose.his method is very popular way of conserving has advantages like it requires little maintanance cost, and it is environment friendly.HOPE IT HELPS.....

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Water conservation is a process of stopping indiscriminate wastage of water and thus making it available for future use.
We must not keep taps running,check pipes for any leakage,close taps tightly after use,water plants during evening so that evaporation of water is minimum,build rain water harvesting system and install water-saving toilets.
Government has also started some projects like Ganga Action Plan which triggers to save the Ganga from pollution and thus protecting it.