Nature is beauty of earth. Nature is what all around us not made by man like animals , plants etc.Nature is original beauty of earth.However, so much man want to make earth beautiful, but original beauty is nature.Nature is life.It is frsh.It never hearts anyone.It gave everything it have but takes nothing in its place.Everything we have, is indirectly linked to nature.But what happening nowadays is itĀ  is destroyed by man for his selfish needs.He destroys it because he wants to establish building, make furniture etc.But if it is continued, ther will be one day when no one will know wwhat is nature.So save nature,nature will save you.
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Nature is one of the great and mysterious creation of God. It is also reffered to as a Gift of God. Nature consists of living beings and non-living things. Without nature no man, no plant, no birds and so on cant live. Every livings and things has the foundation which is the Nature. Nature fulfills 90% of the needs of man, Animals, birds etc. If nature doesn't exist none will exist. So we have to be ready to care, Treat, love the Nature. For the well being of nature our activities are influenced. For its protection from now on we can plant trees, proper utilization of natural resourcesĀ  etc. should be done.
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