You come to know taht one of your friend has become a victim of cyber crime but is too scared to tell anyone . she/he has lost confidence and is losing at
studies also. discuss with your partner.
1. how would you help your friend?
2. why do you think your friend keep quite?
3.what can u say to help your friend change his/her attitude?
4.what do you think could be the reaction of others?
5. how will you change the response of the elders?
6.what could some of the other problems be?
7. what advice would you give the others?
8. what could some other problems related to this be?
9. how would you create general awareness about such matters?
10. who do you think could help you to create and spread awareness about such matters.?



1. I would ask my friend to talk about it to someone like a counslor, parents etc as keeping it to himself will not help.
2. He may not know who to go and talk to and could be afraid of what others would say/think.
3. Tell him that this can stop if he gets some help and talk about it to others.
4. Some people especially elders would blame it on him saying that it is his fault for getting so involved in social media etc. while there can be others who will support him and help him get out of it.
5. Tell them that this is in no way his fault, that everyone uses social media and the internet and it is the wrong doings of other heartless people.
6. It may affect his mental health and education etc.
8. Problems from the bullies side- the bully may be feeling inferior in school or at home etc. thus to let this anger out he finds a weaker target and starts to abuse him/her. He could also have problems at home.
9. Spreading awarness by writing slogans, making presentations etc.
10. The victims of this can speak out about their experience as this can help numerous people going through the same problem. Along with them counselors will also be a great help in telling how to face this.