Fast food seems tasty and crunchy and also we finish eating with it fast . In today's world all are busy and are in rush of work and in this stressful life no one wants to waste their time ,so we people save time even in our diets also ,not caring that our health depends on our diet. But the fast foods like burger, noodles ,etc .,are very hazardous for our health , as eating too much of fast food is proved to be dangerous for health . 

Scientists tell these fast foods contains too much of fats and carbohydrates which is needed to our body but not in too much quantity . When too much of fats gets accumulated in our body can led to many health problems like heart attack, problem in breathing ,etc.,this all problem come due to accumulation of fats in our veins due to which blood flow decreases and it also increases cholesterol which result in heart attacks . 

So eating habits should be improved and fast foods should be eaten in limit only.

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