Forests and nature play a very important role in ones life because -
they provide

Wood- necessary for making tables, chairs, cookery stuff and other things used in day - to - day life.

Fruits -Fruits provide numerous vitamins and minerals, they are also a good source of food.

Flowers-  Theses beautiful little flowers fill our worlds with color and they are also a symbol of love and sympathy etc., and who doesn't like flowers?

Water - Trees take up large quantities of water from the soil. Some is used in the photosynthetic process, some is used as a solvent to transport minerals and nutrients, but most is incorporated in the protoplasm of the tree cells. About 80-90% of a tree's bulk is water, leading some people to view the forest as a massive water storage facility. About 95% of the water in a tree is recycled into the atmosphere through an evaporative process called transpiration. This occurs mostly from the leaves, and the transpiration rate is highest during hot afternoons in the growing season. The transpired water is constantly being replaced by water brought from the soil. When transpiration occurs more rapidly than water replacement, the tree will wilt.

Temperature modification- Trees provide a buffer against winter winds, and moisture transpiration in the summer acts as natural air conditioning. Studies of tree-related temperature modification in urban environments have shown that well-placed trees can reduce heating and cooling bills up to 30%. One study by the Federal Energy Administration found that a large, vigorous, well-watered hardwood tree has a cooling capacity of 800,000 BTU's per day. That's the equivalent of 20 window air conditioning units running 20 hours a day!


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Forests help us in providing shelter,oxygen,induces rainfall and provides basic amenities.
It is because if trees are not available then the temperature will rise there will be no rainfall and the Earth will be left only a ball of hot gases.