Had shows something in the past or to refer to some action that occurred in the past      eg     he had the notebook
have is something more in the present or refering to some action partly in the future like have you finished your work 
you have the notebook in this sentence the person presently has the notebook 

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hope u get wht i was tryin to explain
Dear sir my question was to know about use of have-had simulataneously..not had for past and have for present,....e.g I had had a fight last year...
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The verb 'had' is used in the perfect tense as in:
He had done the work.
We had not looked at it.
The verb 'had' is also used as a normal verb in place of 'eat',etc.:
I  had some bananas yesterday.
We had a dazzling experience last night.
When these two verbs combine they form had had:
I had had some food

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