Make wh questions corresponding to the italics parts in the following sentences (one
example has been done for you).
Example: I kept the money in the box. Answer: Where did you keep the money?
i) She has two sisters.
ii) I go to bed by 11 o’clock.
iii) History is my favourite subject.
iv) She lives in Gurgaon.
v) I got late because of the traffic jam.

where are the italic parts? 


Ok, let me see.... [sorry, I can't see the italic parts so I'm giving optional answers]
1.Who has two sisters?
2.When do you go to bed? OR Where do you go by 11 o'clock?
3.Which is my favourite subject?
4.Where does she live? OR Who lives in Gurgaon?
5.Who got late because of traffic jam? OR Why did you get late?

Hope it helped. ^_^
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