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Nuclear family mainly consists of a small family of parents & their children whereas Joint family means a big family consisting of grandparents, uncle, aunts, cousins, etc.
Both have their own advantage & disadvantages.
i) Nuclear family has less domestic work whereas joint family is just the reverse of it.
ii) Joint family teaches the idea of sharing & respect as the children are under the guidance of elderly people but in Nuclear family the children are taken care by either parents ( who are not even able to devote quality time to them) & maids.
iii) In Joint family has a great impact on the children who remain well protected whereas in Nuclear family this is not possible.
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In my neighbour hood there are 5 houses.2 families are joint families while the other 3 are nuclear family.the nuclear families does everyting on their will while the joint families have to ask each and every member of the family before taking descisons.the joint families can take help from each other while the nuclear families have to ask other families in problems.
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