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Nuclear family mainly consists of a small family of parents & their children.It is the new trend most urban family are following irrespective of not being aware of the consequences.The children are the one who are the most affected in such a family system.As parents may be office goers,they are hardly able to devote quality time for their children.The children on the other hand have a greater chances to fall into trouble and getting mislead as they lack the advice of elderly people.

Joint family means a big family consisting of grandparents, uncle, aunts, cousins, etc.
It is a trend which is still followed and highly believed in the rural areas(urban areas do have joint family but lesser in number).It creates a lot of understanding among the members and it has a positive impact on the children of that family as they are well pampered and have ample people to protect and advice them about the wrongs and the rights.
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.joint family is a big family that have many members like- parents ,sisters ,brothers  ,cousins ,grand parents ,uncle ,and aunt. all people live together under one shelter so its a good thing. and in this family every time every one is there to help.

.nuclear family is a small family that have parents with their children .
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