White travelling back to his residence in the car, Dr. Pathak was caught up in a thunderstorm. It became very dark. He stopped driving the car and waited for thunderstorm to stop. Suddenly he noticed a child walking alone on the road. He asked the boy to come inside the car till the thunderstorm stopped. Dr. Pathak dropped the boy at his residence. The body insisted that Dr. Pathak should meet his parents. The parents expressed their gratitude to Dr. Pathak for his concern for safety of the child.Answer the following questions based on the above information:(a) Why is it safer to sit inside a car during a thunderstorm?(b) Which two values are displayed by Dr. Pathak in his action?(c) Which values are reflected in parents' response to Dr. Pathak?(d) Give an example of similar action on your part in the past from everyday life.



(a) It is safer to be inside a car during thunderstorm because the car acts like a Faraday cage. The metal in the car will shield you from any external electric fields and thus prevent the lightning from traveling within the car.(b) Awareness and Humanity
(c) Gratitude and obliged(d) I once came across to a situation where a puppy was struck in the middle of a busy road during rain and was not able go cross due to heavy flow, so I quickly rushed and helped him