One day Chetan’s mother developed a severe stomach ache all of a sudden. She was rushed to the doctor who suggested for an immediate endoscopy test and gave an estimate of expenditure for the same. Chetan immediately contacted his class teacher and shared the information with her. The class teacher arranged for the money and rushed to the hospital. On realizing that Chetan belonged to a below average income group family, even the doctor offered concession for the test fee. The test was conducted successfully.Answer the following questions based on the above information:(a) Which principle in optics is made use of in endoscopy?(b) Briefly explain the values reflected in the action taken by the teacher.(c) In what way do you appreciate the response of the doctor on the given situation? (4)



(a) Endoscopy is based on total internal reflection principle. It has tubes which are made up of optical fibres which are used for transmitting and receiving electrical signals which are converted to light by suitable transducer.
(b) Humanity and Charity.
(c) Doctor gave monetary help to Chetan by understanding his poor financial condition.