PLEASE answer my hw......................
1.Give 2 examples how mobile computers can help students in the classroom.
2.Explain in short how mobile computer connects the internet.

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1 computers and mobiles can help the students in  the classroom in many ways for example if any student saves or writes his or her notes in his or her mobile then it will be very helpful for the student . and also if any student have any confusion then the student can clear it mobile and computers are very helpful in the classroom for the students

i`m not gettiing ur 2 ques clearly plz write it in very simple language what are u trying to say ......plz tell me in comments so that i can answer

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thanx for helping me................but i want someon eto answer the 2nd one now
the 2nd question is how does a mobile computer connect to the internet.give a short note for around 6-8 lines.
i`m sorry but still i`m not getting ur point so sorry
its ok someone else can answer it.
If in a classroom there is wifi (without internet) u have to make a program for attendence marking as soon a the student come in classroom the mobile would get connect to wifi immediately and attendence would be marked
( this system is real and is performed in mahesh tutorials)
2. it also used for studying animated which maked learning more easier
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