NOTICE SCHOOL EXHIBITION 2015-16 I would like to bring to your attention about the school exhibition, which is to be held on the 25th of January. (You may write any date). This school exhibition will be conducted by the students of grade 5-12. In this exhibition, models and art works will be exhibited, and the main topic is 'Water'. From Science to Social Studies, this exhibition will teach our students a lot about our essential need, that is, water. I would like to see a wide range of students in participation, so that we can put on a great exhibition. I would also like to add that certificates would be given to those who participate, and for the one who comes up with the best model, best idea or for the one who becomes the best representer, etc. We also invite parents to this exhibition, so that they see what the children in this school are capable of. I wish a good luck to all the participants, and let us all look forward to making the best out of the SCHOOL EXHIBITION 2015-16. For more infromation, ask help from the Superviser. PRINCIPAL (or anyone else, your wish) THANK YOU (I am not sure if the format is correct, but I hope the content helps you, thanks) ✌️