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Well, if you need a class 5 story, the kids aren't too mature so you can take any story from the famous five by enid blyton, or goosbumps. (:
Or normal fables, you can pick them from panchatantra. (:
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okay no probs somebody is writing something let's see if he can help :)
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Sure, It would be glad if you can get help (:
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                                   The Greedy Lion

Once upon a time, there lived a lion who was so selfish and greedy. He exploited the fellow animals. He kills alot of animals for food. Every animals were afraid of him. Due to these rumours a genius rabbit from other part of the jungle came. He appeared before the lion who was the king of the jungle. The rabbit said that 'There is a lion who is not even afraid of you and has challenged you for a fight". By hearing this the lion was so angry. He followed the Rabbit to see the Lion who questioned his powers. The rabbit said that "The lion is inside the well waiting for you". The jungle king ran to the well and looked inside. He saw the reflection of his face on the water inside the well. But the lion lost his mind and thought the reflectio n was  lively. He couldn't control his anger and jumped into the well. As a result he died, because he couldn't neither breath nor swim. After that incident the animals lived in the jungle happily ever after. :)
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umm thanks but i asked for a class 5th type story
Oh. I dont know. You commented that u wanted a panchathanthra,tales etc.. I have read this one when i was in 6th standard in a story book. haha. Wish u marked my story the best,
i am still in 5th standard and i don't know what you are saying about