Treaty of versailles is brought to the world war to bring peace.It was signed in 28 june 1919 approximately at the end of the world war. It helped to end the war between Germany and Allied powers.
The Treaty of Versailles was signed exact on June 28, 1919 .This treaty was reportedly signed exactly 5 years after Duke of Austria( Archduke Franz Ferdinand's) assassination .This treaty put an end to the state of war between Germany . The treaty was singed between Among the Allied Powers were France, the Grate Britain, Italy, Japan, and the United States of America. The main verses in this treaty: That William II of Hohenzollern(German emperor) was forced to accept sole responsibility for starting the war.Germany standby army was drastically restricting less than 0ne lake soldier and also fobidden to have an air force of any kind, and its navy was severely restricted too .All war colleges and army academies were disbanded .The French insisted on the demilitarization of the Rhine fortification as a means to protect their border from any more German aggressions,thus the border between France and Germany the 50km demilitarized zone was created.