My name is komal
my age is 13 years
The average height for my age is 149 cm
but I am still 139 cm
I am the shortest boy in the class
I am afraid that I will be facing serious problems due to my height
can continue like this or should I concern a bone doctor
plseeeeeeeeee help me I am very much afraid . Please answer my question
my freinds call me short short should I woory or not

Dear friend, I'm currently 18 years of old.....i had a good height during all my classes....but there were some of my friends who had very little height during your age. But after 9th hols....they all reached with me and I was praying to grow more....but by then it seemed like my height growth rate started ceasing. But not a prob... I'm having a good height and weight right now....the thing is that...only some will show proper growth rate. For others there will be specific time , during which
They will grow . I think you are one among them. So for the time being cool and just wait for your time to come



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You mst notice that height of many students boost up after a certain time or period so you should not worry.
but still it is yours decision to make
Ok say me what is your opinion
my opinoin would be you should wait till you are 15 and after that you should consult if you want
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hello dear friend

don't worry  , your just 13 year old.
till 18 year bones grow and develop them self ,.

u daily take one full glass of milk with complan ,..
hope it's help u

bye bye i have to leave now
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COMPLAN nice well you are right boys grow slower in height but the height can considered permanently only after 18 years of age