sound wave : sound wave is a form of mechanical wave where the particles of the medium vibrate in there own position and the energy penetrates through via the vibrating particles. sound wave has two types :1) longitudinal wave 2) transverse wave 

amplitude : the maximum displacement of the energy from it's mean value is called amplitude .unit is meter. 

pitch : pitch is a non-measurable quantity, having a relative character , more the frequency more the pitch and vice-versa 

frequency : number of oscillation per seconds is called frequency .unit of frequency is Hertz i.e. Hz 

SONAR : SONAR stands for sound navigation and ranging this machines helps us to know the depth of the sea, and ocean, help us to locate our enemy's submarine.
working of SONAR : 
in SONAR 1st of all the transmitter transmits ultrasound which when comes into contact with any substance/sea or ocean bed returns back and the returned ultrasound is recognized by the detector. then from the time taken by the ultrasound to go and come and from the speed of sound in water we can calculate the distance traveled by the sound wave....
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