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Creek! Geek! These were the sounds I made, Hello! I'm a broken chair. Just made up if wooden rods nailed together. I was made by a carpenter named Max. He was a cunning fellow who used to cheat on his innocent customers. He purposely broke my leg and sold me to a rich family for One Hundred dollars. Life was so boring for me. I had nothing to do. All I had to do was to stand on my feet the whole day until someone sat on me. My broken leg would always make me fall but still I wouldn't lose my balance.

One day, I heard some shocking piece of news which almost tore me apart. Max the old carpenter, was arrested by the Cops for regularly cheating his customers. The people who bought me from Max inspected my strength. It was then that they came to know that my right leg was broken. I was thrown myself into the gutter. 'My life is over.' That's what I said to myself. A dump yard truck came towards me and picked me up. It was a long journey.

When we reacher our destination, I was thrown inside a closet filled with all types of chairs - Plastic, gold, wood and even sponge chairs. It was dark inside. I couldn't see a thing. Just then, light shone on me. The door was opened. I was picked by a man. He cut my broken leg. He took another wooden rod and nailed my body, After that I was carried away and was given to a fabric shop owner. The man struck some sponges onto my body. Then again, I was carried away and was given to a painter. He painted me by using sparkling gold and red colors. Finally, I was handed over to the King's royal guards. I was wondering what would happen next.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I was placed in the King's Palace. The King sat on me. I felt on top of the world. It was a terrific turn in my life. I was overwhelmed. I felt proud of myself. But then, the other chairs felt jealous of me. They decided to wipe me out from the Palace. They broke all my legs and pretended as if nothing had happened. The King was about to sit on me, the queen sat on me. I lost all my balance. But still, I was alive. I was cast away into the closet. I was thanked by my lucky stars. I started a new life. I gained many friends. I told them about my sad story. They felt bad for me. But they wold still treat me as if I was a royal chair.

I formed my army of chairs. We wanted to fight for justice. My friends helped me in every way that they could. We made a plan. We thought of destroying the chairs which tried to destroy me. We positioned ourselves. Just when the chairs were sent for washing, we attacked them. A fierce battle followed. My friends were killed and so were the bad guys. I was stunned. I didn't know what to do, Just then, the guards came to pick me up. but I did not want to stay without my friends. So I pretended that I was broken. The guards left me. I walked and walked till I reached home. I spent my life helping poor people who sat on me. And that was the end of my story.

thanks...u helped me out. how much time it had taken to type it
Creek! geek! these are the sounds i make. Hi, i am a broken chair.
I was made by a carpenter named Albert. He was a very kind and honest man. One day, he got bored so he made a chair, that was me. He was very admired by his work so, he named me Timmy as I am made out of Timber.  But, across the street lived another carpenter named John. He was a very dishonest and rude man. Because of his rudeness nobody wanted to talk to him. He was jealous of Albert! When he saw me through his window he grew so jealous that he wanted to break me right away and he did. One night, he snuck into Albert's shop and with a saw he started slicing my legs! he was about to neatly slice one of my legs, but he saw Albert coming so he quickly scampered away.

The next morning, Albert saw that I was broken. so he sold me to a poor man. the poor man felt pity for me and sold me to a rich man. I was used by the children of that rich man. Finally, one of my legs came out and i was dumped in the garbage bin. the garbage man saw me broken so, instead of throwing me, he took me to another carpenter who mended me. i am now very happy in his shop. That is my story