Advantages of Grafting : 
Growth Speed: It is quicker than growing a whole new plant,saving even more time, as well as money and space. 
Change in the quality of fruit:Grafting lets you change the variety of the fruits or other crops you're growing. also helps in improving its fruit quality 
Repair: Grafting lets you repair damage to existing plants or trees. 
Pollination: Some trees need to cross-pollinate with another fruit tree or they won't be productive. 

Dis-Advantages of Grafting : 
Complex: The process of grafting requires some skill and may prove difficult for gardeners with little or no experience in asexual propagation techniques. Growers choosing to graft two plants should be knowledgeable enough to identify compatible plants and know how to avoid potential problems that might lead to graft failure. 
Time-Consuming: Once the graft is completed, monitoring its progress and health can also take considerable time and labor. 
Limitations: Successful grafting is often limited to plants that are related because they must share similar characteristics, such as color, fruit and growth habit. In most cases, this means the plants must be in the same genus, or at least closely related to be successfully grafted. Sometimes even plants within the same genus will not graft successfully.

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