1. high cost and limited availability of coking coal . 
                              the first point says that , in india the coking coal is very much expensive and the coking coal is limited availability because it is the primary source of carbon . 
2 . lower productivity of labour . 
                      the second point says that , the amount of labour available is less . In particular segments there are labours subject to more rule of supply and demands . 
 3. poor infrastructure . 
                    The analysis said the Indian iron and steel industry was already in the developed and consolidation stage in terms of the production process. However, it added, major domestic steel manufacturers were now in the process of implementation of information technology to streamline the entire value chain.

Drawing attention to the emerging competitive challenges being faced by steel manufacturers in reducing time-to-market, increasing manufacturing process visibility, enhancing production flexibility, optimising forecasting and scheduling, reducing rejects, stocks, and downtime and ensuring optimal quality, and production efficiency, the analysis noted that IT could play an important role in the areas of advanced planning and scheduling for production, entire metals supply chain management including raw materials and Manufacturing Execution Systems.

4. irregular supply of energy /  power .