Rohit : hi ! how are u ? meeting after a long time
rohan: yup I am fine and u ??
rohit : i am 5n too
rohan: prepared for exams??
rohit : yes prepared very well and doing practice everyday of maths and u ??
rohan: not prepared as usual
rohit : why u have not prepared for exams ??
rohan: I belive that all things depend upon luck
rohit : no thats not true if u do hard work u can achive more success In your life
rohan: can u prove it ?
rohit : yes the scientist who invented the bulb mr.thomas edison
rohan: I think I have heard about him
rohit: he almost tried 1000 ways to invent a bulb by his hard work he was possibleso eveything does not depend upon luck
rohan : ok that man is awesome who invented the bulb so bye! going to prepare for exams
rohit : bye!
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