Active and passive voice ;Put the.following sentence into the passive form : 1.the king gave her a reward . 2.the play surprised the visitors . 3.we refused them admission . ​4. all the boys laughed at him . 5. they saw the clouds thundering . 6.she told us to leave the room . 7.let me do this 8. keep to the left . 9 . one should obey ones parents . 10.who has broken the chair ? the headmaster promised us a holiday . they painted the doors green . we expect good news . do not laugh at a beggar . one cannot gather grapes from thistles . i cannot agree to your proposal . never deceive a friend . i forgive him all his faults . ​



A reward ws givn to hr by the king
visitors were surprised by the play
their admissions were refused by us
the thundering of the clouds had been seen by them