Passion is something which makes a persin do anything which is impossible.a persons passion can be fashion,art,knoledge ,dance and many more.these person can do anything for their passion.they start learning all these from a very early age.they become experts as they grow up.they concentrate on their own work but visits varios functions like fashion shows,art exhibitions and many more.these functiin has nothing to do with trends or is some thing called a persons imagination.these imaginations are worth excellent and get a lot appriciation from all over the world.the models in the fashions are very talented which is also a kind of passion.they walk brautifully on the ramp and wear gorgeous dresses.these features also attract the audience vey much.the passionate people come from various parts of the world to watch these fashion be honest i also visit all the art exhibitions of kolkata as it is my passion and i can do anything for it.
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Style is a way to say who you are without actually having to speak. Style evolves as fashion evolves and they are both very much inter related. As the wheels of time revolve, fashion keeps changing too. Fashion refers to not just the way a person dresses up or behaves, it also refers to the way a person thinks too.

india is a country which is known for its culture. But as a result of westernization, some of its customs and traditions have undergone change. The change that exists today is like a double edged sword. It can either bring in good or prove to be absolutely disastrous.

when something new is introduced in the fashion industry, the designers exhibit their work on a model who walks on the ramp during a fashion show. I personally feel that fashion shows consume a lot of time, energy and money. The money one spends in conducting a fashion show can be used to help a lot of other people.

tnstead of exhibiting new designs and dresses on models, designers can display their designs on mannequins. In a country like india which is known for its strict cultural values, avoiding fashion shows will enhance our tradition and make us unique too.
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