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Dr. Ramji Ambedkar is an economist. They purnajagarana Buddhist movement started in India. He was the architect of the Indian Constitution and the Law.
A poor Mahar born in a family tradition called Ambedkar campaigned against social discrimination of the caste system in India. They had converted to Buddhism and millions of Dalits theravada inspired to change his religion Buddhist tradition. Posthumous of Ambedkar's highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna, in 1990 were navajavama.He first few Dalits were snatakomana. He was awarded his doctorate in law, economics and politics at Columbia University and the London School of Economics for research. Thus, after being named as a scholar, he advocated for some time. He then India's Dalits had sought a fight for political rights and social freedom.By Indian Buddhists Bodhisattva is believed, however, that such a claim, he did not.
Bharat Ratna Dr. BR Ambedkar
Bharat Ratna Dr. BR Ramji Ambedkar was born on the 14th of April in 1891 mahu, Madhya Pradesh. His father Ramji Maloji sakpala and the mother's name bhimabai said. Last sakpalana Ramji Ambedkar's had fourteen children, children.BR father Subedar military were on board. They were military school head master. BR landed parent child childhood sacraments. His mother died when BR bhimabainum the 6 year old.

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