Uses:-it is used in many purposes like in offices,in school,in hospitals and in many places for different purposes.
misuse:it is misused to prank with someone in social sites or to hack the passwords or question papers or hack someones computers.
Uses of the Internet :                              Internet have soo much of uses that when we sit in our home so we can also know about the world and now most of the majority  people don't use mobile and they use internet by skype,facebook etc etc like that people don't buy Cd's of games,movies and they download it from internet.Now peoplealso use internet to gave them information by the way of Wikipedia now people don't use letters to send someone mail when the mobile came so they use to send the massage by the way of mobile and now the people use internet to send the mail by gmail,hotmail,yahoo,facebook etc.
Miss Uses Of The Internet :                                        As the internet have many uses but it have also miss uses on the internet when a kid is young and he register him self to face book and he or she gave his or her age wrong so they are spoiling their self when the parents allow their kid to use the face book so it is too bad because the face book is for elders and when the kid use the utoorent to download a movie so he is doing wrong because it is not their age to see the movies it is their time to study and when the kid use the youtube so it is too bad because it gives a bad impression on their future.