There are 2289 Poems under sangam literature now.many are very short with 2-3 verses.sangam literature on basis of interpretation can be classified into two types...aagam(inner) and puram(outer).aagam is related to sexual ascpects of humanbeing and other personal details.puram is related to philanthrophy,ethis and emotions of humanbeing.Also on basis on period before sangam literature and after sangam literature it can b classified as pathinenmelkananku (before sangam period and are oldest poetic works dating from 100 to 200 BC ) and pathinenkeelkananu (its post sangam period that is 100 to 500 AD)which includes 18 poems
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Till the second century B.C., the upland portions of the peninsula with the Kaveri delta as the nuclear zone were inhabited by people who are called megalith builders. They are known not from their actual settlements which are rare, but from their graves called megaliths. These are called megaliths because they were encircled by big pieces of stone which contained not only skeletons of the buried people but also pottery and iron objects.