The three factors that are affecting climate of india are as follows
 Distance from the sea: The oceanic winds have a moderating effect on temperature and the coastal places experience lower range of temperature, both diurnal and seasonal in comparison to places of interior or continental location away from the oceanic influence.
Winds: The influence of the monsoon winds in India is overwhelming. In Arabic language the word `Mausim’ means season and if wind changes its direction seasonally, then it is called a monsoon wind. India remains under the domain of a humid oceanic South-west monsoon in summer and a dry North-east Monsoon of land origin in winter. Besides, in winter some cyclones of the Mediterranean, called Western Disturbances, enter India from the north-west via Iran and Afghanistan and travel eastward causing a small amount of rainfall in North India.
Altitude: Although average temperature remains generally high throughout India, owing to altitudinal effect the Himalayas and other high mountains have lower temperatures even in summer.