i) Kingdom

a taxonomic category of the highest rank, grouping together all forms of life having certain fundamental characteristics in Animalia,plantae,etc

ii) Phylum/Division

Phylum is second highest unit of classification after Kingdom. It includes one or more related classes of animals. In plants, instead of phylum, the term ‘division’ is used.

(iii) Class

Class is a taxonomic group consisting of one or more related orders. For example, the class, Mammalia, includes many orders like Primata (Man), Carnivora(Lim, tiger) etc.

(iv) Order

Order is a taxonomic group containing one or more families. For example, the order, carnivora, includes many families.

(v) Family

Family is a taxonomic group containing one or more related genera eg. Family hominidae contains Apes, Monkeys and Man. In plants, families are categorized on the basis of vegetative and reproductive features.

(vi) Genus

Genus is a taxonomic group including closely related species. For example, the genus, Solanum, includes many species such as nigrum, melongen a, tuberosum, etc.

(vii) Species

A group of closely related organisms that are very similar to each other and are usually capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring. The species is the fundamental category of taxonomic classification, ranking below a genus or subgenus.

Kingdom means a country ,state or territory ruled by a king or queen OR each of the three divisions(animal,vegetable,minerals)in which natural objects are classified.
eg.;Mughal Kingdom
Phylum is a category in the classification of animals and plants.
Division means each of the parts into which something is divided OR  a major unit of an organisation 

Class means a principle category into which animals and plants are divided OR a set of category of people or things having same characteristics.

Order means a main category into which animals or plants are divided that ranks below class and above family.

Family means a main category  into which animals or plants are divided.

Genus means a category in the classification of animals and plants that ranks above species  and below family,shown by a capitalized  Latin name.

Species means a group of living organism consisting of similar individuals capable of breeding with each other.
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