You are Saran/Saranya, a Senior Consultant (Child Education) in Jaideep School Management and Trust. You organised a seminar on Right toEducation Act for teachers and students. You invited eminent educationists and sociologists to talk on the topic of right to free and compulsory education to children in the age range of 6-14 years, problems and implications. Write a report in about 125 words on it for Trust’s Magazine.



After my hard work of 3 months .i have finally arranged a proper seminar on the topic of education to children at an age between 6 to 14.i invited about 10 socialogistsband 20 these people were coming so the seminar had to very advanced.the day of seminar went very nice and the audience and the special guests liked it veryvmuch.we received a certificate of the best seminar of that last my hard work broght success to our collage.