The different aspects of society are :
1.culture and religion
2.ideologies and views
3.the way of dressing .
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Simple societies are spread over nearly the entire range of natural environments andare not confined only to one or two regions. They are found in the dense equatorial andtropical forests, In the hot and cold deserts and in the rich alluvial plains. They arefound also in the foothills and high ranges of mountains, in the savannas, sea coastsand in the islands jutting out of the open seas. The diversity of natural environmenthas resulted in the diversity of economies practised by such societies. Given the simpletechnology, the impact of the natural environment is considerable. But the simplesocieties, even with their simple technology, have everywhere shown an indomitablespirit to face the harsh nature.Based on the mode of productinn of material goods for subsistence, economies insithple societies can be groupc~I IIO The following types: a) Hunting and gathering; b)Pastoral; c) Shifting cultivation; and d) Settled cultivation