Change this sentences from active to passive voice.
1. This jug contains milk.
This hotel serves only vegetarian food.
3. We are renovating all the laboratories.
4. The authorities were setting up a language lab in the school.
5. I will never forgot those happy days.
6. The entire nation observed two minutes silence.
7. The storm had already destroyed many ships.
8. I have downloaded these songs from the net.
9. The police has issued a red slip.
10. The school will hold special classes for weak students.
11. What does Mr. Bhushan teach?
12. Who fed these birds?
13. Has anyone ever opened these boxes?
14. How are you sending the parcel?
15. Which camera did you use to take such a beautiful photograph?
16. How many friends attended your brothers marriage?
17. How much money do you need?
19. Why have ypu taken up this job?
20. Where are they holding the rehearsal?



1.milk is contained in this jug
vegetarian food is only served in this hotel
3.all the laboratories are renovated by us
4.a language lab was set up by the authorities in the school
5.those happy days will be never forgotten by me
6.two minutes silence was observed by the entire nation
7.many ships were already been destroyed by the storm
8.these songs are downloaded from the net by me
9.a red slip has been issued by the police
10.special classes will be held for the weak students by the school
11.what is taught by mr. bhushan
12.whom are the birds fed from?
13.have the boxes been opened by anyone?
14.the parcels are sent to whom by you?
15.which camera is used by you to take such beautiful photographs?
16. your brother's marriage was attended by how many freinds of yours? much money is needed by you?
19.why is this job taken up by you?
20.where is the rehearsal is being held?


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