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A man leaves from kerala with 3 sacks
of 30 coconuts each. (The capacity of every sack is 30 coconuts)

He comes across 30 tolls till he reached Bangalore.

He has to give 1 coconut for each sack containing coconuts as toll tax at every toll.

How much coconuts are left with him at Bangalore❓

Clue :
The answer is not zero...
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Plz prove this for me
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Sorry but I as I am in class 7th this is above level question. I can't solve it.
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He might have taken one or more coconut(s) with him in his hands.
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Its simple see
As the capacity of each bag is 30.On first 10 tolls 30 coconuts shall be given than there will be two bags of 30 coconuts each.On next 15 tolls 30 coconuts shall be givenas toll.Now a bag of 30 coconuts is lift out of which 5. shall be given on balance 5 tolls leaving balance as 25.