1. The candidates are advised (by us) to consult our website.
2. The furniture is being polished by Suresh.
3. This car was bought by us on monthly installments
4. A special issue of the school magazine was brought out.
5. Lucy’s painting has been appreciated by all the visitors.
6. This mistake will be corrected by the teacher.
7. The new flyover will be inaugurated by the Chief Minister.
8. Cable television is seen by people all over the world.
9. A blood donation camp was being organized by the Red Cross Society.
10. Our school website has been designed by a reputed programmer
11. A new evaluation system will soon announced by the principal.
12. Was the first bus missed by everybody?
13. Has your brother been called for an interview?
14. Were any Precautions suggested by the doctor? By the school?
15. The pedestrians are requested to cross the road at the zebra crossing only.
16. Who was this notice put up by?
17. How was this riddle solved by you?
18. How many members were informed by you?
19. Has your car been sent for servicing?
20. Why was your application rejected?



K here's all i know
2. Suresh is polishing the furniture.
5. All the visitor's appreciated Lucy's painting.
6. The teacher will correct the mistake.
7. The Chief Minister will inaugurate the new flyover.
9. The Red Cross Society organized the blood donation camp.
10. A reputed programmer designed our school website.
11. The principal will soon announce a new evaluation system.
16. who put up this notice?          <--(...not sure about this one)
17. How did you solve this riddle?
18. How many members did you inform?