Has Somebody insulted Gopal?
Somebody has switched on the lights.
Which student has brought these books?
Who has won the gold medal in boxing?
They had recently bought a new car.
. The police had already arrested the culprits.
The tiger had already killed two laborers.
The merchant had never suffered such a loss.
We had already bought the tickets for the show.
They had just declared the result.
She will have prepared the evaluation record by Monday.
They will have closed the admission by the 15th.
Why have you taken this job?



Had Gopal been insulted by somebody?
A new car had been bought by them.
The culprits had been already arrested by the police.
Two laborers had already been killed by the tiger.
The tickets for the show had already been bought by us.
The result had already been declared by them.
By monday the evaluation record wwould had been prepared by her.
By 15th the admission would had been closed by them.
Why this job had been taken by you?
*Has Gopal been insulted..
no in active passive has/have change into had been
Has been insulted by somebody.
Lights have been switched on by somebody.
by which student these books are brought.
by whom the gold medal is won in boxing.
A new car had been brought by them recently.
The culprits are already arrested by policem
two labourers have been killed by tiger already.
Such a loss has never been suffered by merchant.
tickets have been bought by us for the show.
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