A lady bought a plot of land for Rs. 30 lakhs. She wanted to landscape it. So she
bought 15 bushes and 18 trees from a nursery for Rs. 975/-. A month later she
bought 7 bushes and 5 trees from the same nursery for Rs. 470/-. She paid a
gardener Rs. 5000/- to plant them. How much did each bush and tree cost her? (4)
b) A collection of 58 coins, consisting of 25p, 50p, Re. 1 and Rs. 2 coins are in a bag.
The Re. 1 coins number 5 times that of the 25p coins. The Rs. 2 coins are double
the number of Re. 1 coins, and thrice the number of the 50p coins. If the total value
of the coins is Rs. 80/75, how many coins of each kind are there?

Are you sure the first question is correct? I'm getting my answers in negative for it


25p = 3
50p = 10
1Re = 15
2 Rs = 30