Sports should have an equal importance as academics because people are all different and they may have different talents...all children/students are not good at academics...they must be having their own for one who is good at sports-sports should be given equal importance as academics....and this is how one's talent can be put is how one can relax and have peace instead of having pressure/stress because of studies all the time....

It is an old saying that a healthy brain needs a healthy body. Why do we need a healthy brain. Every individual tries his best to excel in academics. Right from the day we start schooling, our ambition is to show good results. Initially, this is to please our parents and elders. Then it is to compete with our friends. And finally we realize that to be successful in life, one has to be successful in academics.

But only academics do not make us a complete man. For any individual to progress in studies and academics, it is important to be healthy and fit. To remain healthy and to improve fitness, taking part in sports is very important. Sports fall into two categories; indoors and outdoors. Indoor games such as chess, snooker etc improve our thinking power and brain development. Outdoor games like swimming, playing tennis, running etc improve our physique and stamina. Compined together, all these activities give us a generally good appearance and personality. The healthier we are, physically, and mentally, the better we will perform in academics.

Our human body is like a machine. A machine works by using engines, and if you do not oil it, it will stop working and will become useless. Just like this sports protect our mind, and our wholy body from 'decaying'.
Sport teaches us that only winning and losing is not important, trying is! We learn to win and loose gracefully. So trying your best is equally important as winning. When we do our best, God will do the rest.
Therefore, sports can teach us many things that books cannot. So once again I will emphazing on the point that sports and academics are equally important! 


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