1.what is swachha Bharat ?
A. swachha Bharat is a mission which helps in keeping India clean.
2.Who started it?
A.It was started by Mahatma Gandhi and now it is implementing by Narendranna Modi
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1.what is swacch bharat?
ans-swacch baharat is a campaign started to make our country clean and  green.
2.when was it started?
ans-earlier it was started on 2nd october 2014
3.who started it?
ans-it was started by mahatma gandhi and further followed by narendre modi(our recent pm)
4.what does it aim for?
ans-it aims for a clean nation india. can we participate in this?
ans-we can assist actively in it by not throwing wastes and helping clean our environment it our prior duty to keep india clean?
ans-yes it is our first and foremost duty to keep our motherland clean.
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