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science help us to lead comfortable life and also help in development. but it also leads to  many side effects suchas pollution.
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Science has made our life better in myriad ways over the past couple of hundred years or so. Our forefathers could not imagine the comforts and amenities it has brought to us today. Man is in a position to control and direct nature, conquer time and space as well as fashion his own destiny to a large extent. Science has completely transformed the face of Earth during the last 200 years. It has changed our outlook and refashioned our hopes, dreams and aspirations.But there is the reverse side of the coin also. Science has unleashed on us unprecedented weapons of mass destruction. The two atomic explosions over Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II in 1945 have made aware of the death and destruction Science can bring about if it is used in war. The tremendous progress in armaments has made this world a dangerous place to live in. All the progress made by human civilization over thousands of years can be brought to naught at the mere touch of a button. No part of the world today is safe because of the hovering satellites that map all our activities even in the remotest parts of Earth and can bring about terror and untold destruction in a matter of seconds. Some of the best scientific talent in the world is engaged in devising and inventing means to destroy this planet at the behest of their political masters. In this sense, Science has proved to be a Frankenstein monster. It controls our existence at every Step.
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