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                                                               21st, February, 2016. 7:30 am
today is a rainy Sunday a hectic moment for me because I've planed a lot to do with all my friends from the morning till the sun set means evening but every thing has gone wrong I cannot do any thing until this rain stop if it stops also it may continue again I'm estimating it. I've though to visit a near by cycle park so that we can go and enjoy a lot and then from there we straight away go to a football ground where we are going to have a football match with our rival team. but this rain has stopped us from getting a victory against them for this match. I'm too much pleased and irritated because of this rain if I would have a super natural power to stop this rain then I would immediately stop this rain and go to the ground to play football with all of my friends and have a lot of fun with them, but this rain has stooped me from doing that now I need to stay at home and study my bad luck.
hope so my answer is useful and mark as best if possible ..!!
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excuse me mind your words before you tell some one something
and if you do the same again you will be forcing me to report you to the moderators and they would delete your account. mind your words I'm warning you buddy....!!