When we are doing redox titration, why we need to add sulfuric acid to our solution? lets say i want to titrate sodium oxalate(ethanedioate) with potassium manganate(VII), and have to add sulfuric into the oxalate first before doing the titration.Sulfuric acid is used because it is stable towards oxidation; whereas, for example, hydrochloric acid would be oxidized to chlorine by permanganate.
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It is a matter of the kind of study reaction you are performing. If you study the molecular composition acids there are two hydrogen in the sulfuric acid molecule(H2SO4) and one hydrogen in the HCL.The sulfuric acid molecule have two constants of de-ionization versus one of the HCL. This is very important in redox reactions since every Hydrogen atom contributes to the reduction part of the species. As you can see from the following dissociation constant the Sulfuric acid is shown the double release of Hydrogen protons in aqueuos solution.