Silicon Valley of india and USA are two important IT hubs in the world, one in United States another one in India. The difference between bothis While the Silicon Valley lies in northern California in the US, Bangalore is a well too known metropolis in southern India. The reason for the region in California being called Silicon Valley is because of presence of world's largest electronics and IT companies such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Etc. Initially it was so called because of silicon chip manufacturers, but later the phrase stuck and despite other centers of high tech emerging in various parts of the country, this region still remains the hub if IT and other related industries.
The Karnataka government developed an'Electronics City', at Bengaluru. This made Bengaluru wa Silicon Valley of India. In 1989, Hewlett cor Packard also set up their unit here. Most wa computer and software companies of the sui world, such as IBM, Oracle, Novell and Fujitsu tra are now based in Bengaluru. It is estimated that there are more than 300 software firms in Bengaluru. Most of them are Fr medium-sized and employ about 200 technicians. More than 70 per cent of the companies are Indian and their owners have worked in USA after getting a graduate degree from American universities. Thus, foreign clients are becoming confident about Silicon Va the ability of the Indians to design and manage their projects. Bengaluru has now surpassed Mumbai, the first software centre in India. Now many multinational Silicon Valley(USA) irect The name Silicon Valley was first used by Don llas Hoefler, a journalist, in a couple of articles in the the Electronic News, originally, the term for'Silicon Valley' was used to describe the Santa Clara County in the state of California in USA ent Dr William Shockley developed a transistor km at the Bell Laboratory. Initially, Shockley the wanted to use germanium as a semi- lett conducting material, while others in his group Most wanted silicon. Finally, silicon was found most the suitable. Therefore, he used silicon in the itsu transistor. This is how the name'Silicon Valley was given.
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