The countries of Europe today are almost second nature to those of us who grew up in Western society. Italy, Germany, England - all of these and others conjure certain images of landmarks, people, and food. Considering this, it may come as a surprise to some to learn that as little as 150 years ago, Italy as a cohesive political entity didn't exist! In this lesson, we'll trace the 19th-century developments which fostered the unification of Italy.
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its about the kingdom of two sicillies right
in how many parts Italy was divided
Ruler of sardinia piedmont,king victor emmanuel II tried to unify itallian states through war.chief minister cavour led the movement to unify regions of italy.through a diplomatic alliance with france,engineered by cavour,sardinia piedmont has suceded in defeating austria.a large number of volunteers under the leadershiip of giuseppe garibaldi has also joined in the war.they marchd into kingdom of 2 siciles and suceeded in winning he support of the local peasants to drive out the spanish rulers.thus italy became a unified nation and victor emmanuel II became the king of united italy.
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