मी बाजारात गेलो होतो
माझ्याकडे पैसे नव्हते

बाजारात मला दोन मित्र भेटले
एकाने1000रू नोट दिली आणि दुसरैने 500दिले
1000 + 500 = 1500 झाले

1000रू ची नोट बाजारात



In this question he had 1500 rs bt he give 100 100 rs to his frnds thn he have 900+400=1300
in which the 500 rs he had spend 300 and take off 200 rs to his frnds
      in this he add 300 rs extra bcz he add these rs firstly in 400 n again he add this so from tht point he had 1600 rs
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