2016-02-21T22:03:34+05:30 here's what occured to me. Father and his daughter,Kiran,both are sitting in a room.Father wants to break the matter of fixing Kiran's marriage with the son of one of his friends. Father: Kiran,listen.I have been thinking over this matter since long and finally I have decided that,as your father, I'll give your hand to Mahesh,the son of my dear friend Ashok. Kiran: No Dad, you cannot make such a decision on your own.It's my life at stake.I want to marry who I want to marry. Dad: What??? You have someone in your mind??Why did you hude this from me?? Kiran: No dad,I don't have someone in my mind as of now but surely I'm not going to marry someone whom I haven't met even once. Dad: But you are quiet fit to get married and what's the problem??He is rich,successful,he is handsome and he will take good care of you. Kiran:It's not just about being rich and flaunting fancy cars aroung Papa.The one with whom I have to spend the rest of my life,should be well integrated with me.I don't want to have any regrets later.So, I have decided, I won't marry anyone in a haste and so it's better that you very politely call the arrangements off. Dad speechless,mother in shock.(Not a part of the speech,just to bring a smile.) I hope that's helpful. :)