Once, he was walking on the same way. Suddenly, he heard something. He went pretty close and saw a group of people discussing something. They were talking in some other language and had bullets in their hands and knives in their pockets. He was shocked to see them and started thinking what to do next. More shockingly, he saw that one of the members noticed him and was rushing towards him. Behind him were the other members of the gang. He dropped everything he had in his hand and ran like he was an insane. They threw their knives on him but the targets did not reach him. Somehow, he managed to come out of the forest safely.
At the earliest, he ran to the nearest police station and reported the complete matter to the sub-inspector. He thought that it was just a prank and ignored him for once but when the sub-inspector saw his face, he realized that it was not really a joke! He went to the superintendent and they discussed the matter for about 10 minutes. Unknowingly, the group came and caught the boy and ran away.
When the inspector came back, he was surprised by not seeing the boy there. He got alert and started searching for the boy with other men. He inquired the guard that some guards had come or not, the guard said yes, but they went very early. The inspector with his men started searching for the boy.
Within some time, the gang was surrounded by the police and they had to surrender. They were planning an explosion at the CITY MALL the very next day. Thanks to the boy, who saved the city. But the police could not find him as the gang must have killed him
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