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According to gandhiji satyagraha is truth and truth only. But when the british brought in the term passive resistance, gandhiji says in his book, " These are the distinctions between the two forces. But I do not wish to suggest that the merits, or if you like, the defects of passive resistance thus enumerated are to be seen in 'every movement which passes by that name. But it can be shown that these defects have been noticed in many' cases of passive resistance. Jesus Christ indeed has been acclaimed as the prince of passive resisters but I submit in that case passive resistance must mean satyagraha and satyagraha alone."

so based on the above quote we can conclude that satyagraha and passive resistance are the same according to gandhiji
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Satyagraha has been derived from 2 sanskrit words; "satya"(truth) and "agraha"(ability to fast). Therefore , satyagraha means the ability to fast or to defy evil by peaceful means. whereas, passive resistance meant , resistance against the evil and its doer, it did not exclude violence. Whereas satygraha was a peaceful was of not resisting the evil without hating its doer.
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