Due to high temperature the water of the water bodies get heated and large amount of water get evaporated and goes into the air.some amount of water vapour  also get into the atmosphere because of many biological activities.the hot air rises up carrying the water vapour with the air rises,it expands and cools.this cooling causes the water vapour in the air to condense in the form of tiny droplets.this condensation of water is facilitated if some particles could act as the 'nucleus' for this drops to form around.normally dust and other suspended particles in the air perform this function.
once the water droplets are formed,they grow bigger by the 'condensation' of these water droplets.when the drops have grown big and heavy,they fall down in the form of rain 
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I am divine. i fall from heaven to the earth to make it happy. i take away all the pain and sorrow as i leave. everyone hears my pattering but only a few sensitive ones realise the importance and the music i play. as i fall the flowers become happy, hills start laughing. i cure the ailment of the clouds as i release them from the burden of water and fall in the form of rain. everyone enjoys my presence.
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